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IVEI Magnet to Do Whiteboard with Holder for Marker Pen -Task Recall, Planning Board, Personal Organizer, Writing Pad etc.


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Price $24.95

Brand: IVEI

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Product details

  • Presents Stylish Magnet To Do Whiteboard (10″) with Holder for Marker highlighted. FREE Marker Pen included.
  • The Board has an effective 10″ of writing space, which can easily accommodate small to do lists, or notes, small expenses etc.
  • Strong Magnets are attached at the back, which makes it easily attachable to any metal surface. Use on a window pane, fridge, cupboard, shelf etc.
  • Marker holders are provided to keep the marker pen handy. Use of bright color makes it very decorative as well.
  • Planning board is best use for Task Recall and to be best placed near to the main door. Use this to write tasks and remember them before leaving the house

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